Seattle Hardwood floor base shoe work

  • Wood Floor Base & Shoe Molding

    The work on your interior won't be complete until you install great looking baseboards and base shoes. These refer to structures places on the bottom of your walls, at the edge of your floor.

    The baseboard is like a small, stylized wall that acts as a frame or trimming all around the floor. The base shoe, frequently also called the quarter round, is a convex extension placed to compliment the baseboard.

    After you've invested in a classy hardwood floor, it makes sense to add trimming at the foot of the walls. Doing this frames the floor, just like picture frames showcase photographs or artworks. Baseboards definitely add the finishing touch to our installation work.

    As usual, Our Seattle floor base and shoe molding experts offer many different choices for style and execution. Baseboards come in a variety of cuts and sizes, to suit any interior decoration theme you have in mind.

  • Types of Base Shoe or Shoe Molding

    Base shoes complete the look with both aesthetic value and function. They cover up the angle at which the baseboard meets the floor, creating a smoother look overall. Since they jut out from the wall, they also defend the baseboard from impacts or scratches from objects like vacuum cleaners, which move about on the floor.

    Base shoes can be molded in different ways - some prefer a shallower, oval shape. The most common and popular base shoe design is the quarter round. As its name suggests, its shape is like one quarter cut out of a circle, giving a standardized rounded look. In addition to different styles, base shoes come in different sizes to suit your preference.