Seattle Hardwood floor installation

  • Seattle Wood Floor Installation

    If you’re in Seattle and need hardwood floor installed, Seattle Floor Pros is the right company for you. We offer professional services for a variety of different flooring methods suited to your individual needs.

    Whether your interior calls for engineered wood strips, solid wood strips, or parquet, our expert technicians can accommodate your needs. With over 17 years of experience in the flooring business, we specialize in virtually all types of floor installation services.

    To help you choose, we’ll discuss three of the most common types of hardwood flooring installation methods: nail down/staple installation, glue down installation, and floating installation.

    For all methods, we are careful to conduct moisture testing for a proper installation. Our careful practices and expertise has made us one of the top Seattle floor installers in the area.

  • Nail Down or Staple Hardwood Floor Installation

    Nail down or Staple installation is a reliable and popular method. We nail wood strips to the subflooring, making this method very straightforward.

    We can use solid or engineered wood strips of varying length. Plywood and plank wood are the most popular materials for this approach. During installation, we will arrange the wood strips tightly to ensure taut, well-placed flooring.

    One major advantage to this installation method is how easy it is to replace the flooring. If you wind up having to rework your hardwood floor in the future, it will be easy to pull up the stapling. On the other hand, it is firm enough to be reliable for long-term use.

    In any case, if you hire Seattle Floor Pros, rest assured, your floor will be installed perfectly the first time so reworking your floor down the line isn’t likely.

    Glue Down Installation

    Another popular method we utilize is the glue-down installation. With this method, we glue engineered wood strips or parquet directly to the subflooring. This method is most often used with concrete subflooring, so we take extra care with moisture testing.

    In addition, we use acrylic-based glue, as it is milder and much less likely to trigger allergies.

    Glue-down flooring is a highly reliable, stable method that is sure to serve you well for years to come. Wood boards will be well-secured and are sure to stay in place.

    Another great benefit is that glue-down floors are quiet, making it a very popular flooring installation method for our customers. Without fasteners, you experience much less creaking.

    Floating Installation

    Another method we’re well-versed in is the floating installation. In this method, planks are connected with tongues and grooves. Typically glue would secure the wood strips, unless they have a built-in locking mechanism. Either way, this is done with pre-finished flooring, laminate or engineered.

    There are distinct advantages to using this method. For instance, the condition of your sub-flooring doesn’t need to be high quality since underlayment will be put in. This is in direct contrast to other methods.

    We can also install floating floors over existing layers without a problem. If you opt for a thicker wear layer, you can get multiple refinishes if you want. Floating floors tend to expand or contract as one whole, which avoids problems such as gaps. We take care to accommodate natural expansion/contraction so there will be no damage

    If you have any questions about the installation methods we use, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

    Our Seattle hardwood installation crew is more than capable enough to improve your home with a beautiful new floor.