Seattle Hardwood floor refinish & stain SERVICES

  • Wood Floor Refinish & Stain

    Hardwood flooring is a classy, attractive feature of your living environment - and it's in your best interest to maintain it. The best way to accomplish this is with our Seattle hardwood floor refinishing and staining services.

    A proper hardwood finish will enhance the appearance of your floor and protect it from natural wear and tear.

    Our refinishing process involves sanding off any existing varnish and applying a new coat to the bare wood. Moving into a new residence is the best time to undertake this step, since all furniture, carpeting etc. must be removed during the sanding/finishing work. You can expect a finish to last 10 years, although busy rooms may need refinishing sooner.


  • Two Types of Flooring We Refinish & Stain:

  • Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

    For those who want to avoid a messy, dusty sanding job, we can utilize pre-finished wood flooring. This is an excellent alternative that has recently become very popular. Not only is installation straightforward, the factory processed finish is very durable and long-lasting.

    You can choose between many different types of prefinished wood, including acrylic-impregnated, solid, or engineered. The main differences are as follows: solid prefinished floors consist of one layer of wood planks. Engineered flooring has multiple layers of wood/plywood stacked and glued together, with a top layer of your choice of wood as the veneer. Acrylic impregnated floors are made of wood thoroughly treated with liquid acrylic, which later hardens in the pores. This last method has the advantages of much greater hardness and more thorough color staining.

    Most modern pre-finished floors use polyurethane coating. Older floors may use varnish or shellac as finishes, which is not compatible with urethane. For a refinishing job, we'll need to sand off the old finish if it doesn't match.

    Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

    Our unfinished floors can be solid or engineered, as described above. In either case, we'll have to sand and finish the hardwood on site after installation.

    The overall length of the job will depend on a few factors - the size of the flooring area, staining used, and the number of finish layers to remove and put on. Our Seattle floor refinishing and staining crew can often get this done within a few days and rarely longer than a week.

    Our standard procedure is oil-based stain with water-based finish on top. For every job, we prioritize the beauty and quality of your home interior, so we'll cordon off areas during work. This will keep sanding dust from spreading and getting on furniture. We also use dust containment systems to reduce airborne sanding dust.

    After the job is done and the floor is layered with finish, it will need time to dry. It is important to prevent airflow during this time, so that dust does not get into the finish. Even turning on air conditioning/heating can be enough to create problems, so it is important to allow sufficient drying time. That will bring out the best results in our flooring.