Seattle Hardwood floor restoration & Repair

  • Seattle Wood Floor Restoration & Repair

    All too often, homeowners have to deal with damage to their hardwood floors. This can take many forms: split wood, gaps, buckling, cupped floors, warping, scratches, and more.

    Regardless of your type of flooring, repairs may become necessary due to unforeseen incidents. For instance, many people accidentally gouge their floors by shifting furniture around. Others deal with long term damage from rising humidity levels. No matter what the issue is, our professionals will identify the problem and fix your floor.

    We at Seattle Floor Pros repair all kinds of damage with new boards and refinishing, transforming your old floor into a seemingly brand new edition. Our many years of expertise in this field make us one of the most trusted Seattle hardwood floor restoration companies around.

  • Hardwood Flooring Damage We’ll Repair:

  • Cracked & Split Wood

    Splinters and cracks in your flooring are a common problem. This can happen from years of wear and tear, especially if there's excess humidity. Wood can absorb moisture and expand, eventually leading to cracking. We recommend keeping your interior humidity at reasonable levels as a precaution.

    However, once there's damage, we can treat it in a variety of ways depending on the scale of the problem. Small cracks can be handled with a spot repair - this uses angled nails to hold the wood in place, with wood putty to smooth it over. If your cracks are more widespread, however, you might want to consider having us refinish your wood as deeper cracks make it necessary to replace the wood plank.

    Gaps in Planks

    This is purely an issue caused by humidity. Greater humidity leads to expansion, while dry conditions cause planks to dry out and shrink. Over time, these natural cycles of expansion/contraction in the wood can result in gaps between planks. These gaps are often seasonal, disappearing when wood expands again. Therefore this isn't too much of a pressing problem.

    As a general rule of thumb, if your gap is less than a dime's thickness, it can be ignored. If the gap gets wider, it's time to call us in to tighten the floorboards.


    This is a kind of warping in which the planks detach from your subflooring and lift up. One of our specialties is identifying the cause of this issue and securing planks to the subflooring to level and stabilize your floor.

    As per usual, excess moisture is a very common cause to this problem.

    Warps in Hardwood

    This is also called sagging, because the floor depresses and sags down between the joists. This is an indicator of a major problem with moisture control, with the possibility of rotting supports. It is important to control humidity and eliminate sources of excess moisture. Once this type of damage is incurred, we will need to perform significant repairs to restore your flooring to a good, flat condition.

    If you notice warps and sagging in your hardwood, give us a call as soon as possible. We’ll perform an assessment on your flooring and recommend the best treatment to repair your floors.

    Cupped/Crowned Floors

    This issue is also known as wash boarding. It occurs when planks sag down the middle length-wise, while the edges rise up. This particular problem is the result of uneven humidity and moisture - there is greater moisture on the bottom of the plank than the top.

    The first order of business here is to balance your home's humidity level, which will help stabilize and eliminate the worst of the issue. If your floorboards are still not level after adjusting the humidity, you should give our Seattle floor repair experts a call.

    We will sand out all unevenness until the floor is flat, bare wood, and then refinish it to perfection. It is necessary for us to ensure that the wood planks are totally dry before sanding, however. If not, this can lead to crowning: an opposite problem in which the middle of the plank is upraised, while the edges turn down.

    Crowning can also be caused by uneven moisture within the wood, which is another reason to apply a finish to protect your floorboards from the elements.

    Additional Hardwood Repair Issues

    Loose planks and scratching are also very common flooring problems. For loose planks, we can simply nail these down to the subflooring. For scratches, it depends on the extent of their damage.

    For minor scratches, we can use a simple kit with wood putty to cover them up. If your scratches are larger and more significant, however, you’re likely to need refinishing work. As previously stated, our crew of Seattle floor refinishing professionals will sand off the scratched finish to bare wood, then stain and refinish, leaving you with a beautiful floor.

    Your floor may have significant issues that can't be fixed with spot repairs - such as sagging, water damage, and improper installation. If so, we'll gladly remove the old flooring and re-install quality hardwood floorboards that will last for years.

    Give Seattle Floor Pros a call for all of your Seattle floor services!