Seattle Hardwood floor stair & rail work

  • Wood Stairs & Handrail Service

    We not only offer Seattle flooring services, but also professional design work for hardwood railings and staircases. Hardwood is a very handsome and classy theme for your interior, and you can keep this style consistent throughout your home with our stair and rail work.

    We offer a wide variety of styles to suit your decor and construction. Whatever stain color or wood type you prefer to use, and whatever staircase design you have installed, we'll be able to accommodate you. This will go a long way in improving the appearance of your interior, especially since stairs are such an important part of your home for both looks and function.

  • Stairs

    We offer 2 basic choices. You opt for hardwood installation of both steps and risers, or just hardwood steps with risers painted white (example pictured). The procedures for both are similar, but white riser stairs can be installed more quickly.

    As for the type of hardwood, we offer you a considerable variety: maple wood, kempas, cherry, Brazilian cherry, oak, birch, and so on. They can also be finished, unfinished, or prefinished -so we'll have no problem matching your stairs to your flooring.

    We can also work with whatever custom design you have in mind. Straight or curved stairs, landings, spiral staircases, etc. - we can work with it. In addition, we can install railings, or work around existing handrails during installation.

  • Ralings

    Your hardwood interior design won't be complete without our furnished railings. Like the stairs, these come in any variety of types and treatments of hardwood. We can also install all different designs - anything from handrails anchored to the wall, to balustrades with carved pillars.

    These options come in any number of designs of your choosing, and can be mostly hardwood or incorporate other materials and design elements. As with stairs, our railings can incorporate all different structures - straight, curved, spiral, landings, and so on.