services overview

  • Seattle Floor Pros proudly serves the Greater Seattle area and surrounding communities.

    Here at Seattle Floor Pros, we offer many professional flooring services to meet all your hardwood flooring needs. Whether it's a residential or commercial venue, we offer professional expertise in design, project management and installation.

    We can also provide assistance for the DIY'er who is ready to take on a personal flooring project. Call for a free estimate today!

New Hardwood floor installation

  • We can install hardwood floors of all shapes and sizes. Our professional expertise covers any method you need, including stapling, glue down, and floating installation.. We can work with solid planks, engineered wood strips, parquet, and more.
  • Click here for our full list of our wood floor installation services.

Hardwood floor refinish & stain

  • Our finishing services bring out the beauty of hardwood floors. We offer various types of prefinished flooring to suit your decor, or we can add finish on-site after installation. In addition, we can sand off and refinish a floor that is scratched or damaged.

  • Click here for our full list of our wood floor refinish and staining services.

Hardwood floor restoration & Repair

  • We can repair all kinds of damage that may have occurred to your hardwood floor. This includes, but is not limited to, split boards, gaps, buckling, cupping, warps and scratches. Our professionals can handle anything from a spot repair, to refinishing, to a complete overhaul.
  • Click here for our full list of our wood floor restoration and repair services.

Hardwood floor custom borders, inlays, medallions

  • Add a sense of style and aesthetics with our custom hardwood borders and marquetry. Our craftsmen will install customized designs in your hardwood floor, as well as specialized plank design to create borders.
  • Click here for our full list of our custom floor design services.

Hardwood stair & rail work

  • To compliment your hardwood floors, we'll install hardwood stairways and railings. These can be in any number of wood types, styles, or construction methods. Whether you want balustrades, landings, or a spiral staircase, we've got the job covered.
  • Click here for our full list of our hardwood stair and rail services.

Hardwood floor base & shoe work

  • The perfect way to add a finishing touch to your flooring is with baseboards and quarter round base shoes. We have a number of designs to choose from, to assist you in improving the aesthetic of the wall/floor junction. These decorative installations also help prevent wear and tear.
  • Click here for our full list of our floor base and shoe work services.